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ChattyPics - It gets you dick pics by sick hicks full of thick ticks because that's their schtick.

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ChattyPics is an easy image hosting solution for everyone. Have you ever wanted to share a picture with a friend, or many friends, yet didn't want to go through the trouble of creating an account at other image host providers, or resorting to something as inefficient as email? With this website, you can easily upload any image from your computer and share it with anyone. The image is stored on the ChattyPics server indefinetely.

After uploading an image, the website generates a link to your picture. Copy and paste this link anywhere you want, such as a chat client or message board. In fact, ChattyPics automatically generates the necessary bbcode ([img] [/img]). All you have to do is copy and paste, and the image is instantly viewable.

If you have any other questions, send a message using the contact form.

ChattyPics is not affiliated with Shacknews.com. It is by and ran for the community of the Shacknews Latest Chatty members.





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